We all know that football fans are very vocal and even more so when it comes to their club. They love to discuss the latest transfer news, upcoming games, who is and isn’t playing well and this is done on forums, twitter, at the stadium or even down at their local pub.

This is because they want to be heard and give their opinion on a club that they are passionate about.

Fans matter and their views can influence the Chairman.

This is why we are happy to announce the introduction of fan forums and supporter groups in Soccer Manager 2016.

Now the fans will voice their opinion on matters related to the team that you manage whether it is to do with your appointment, when you sign / sell a player, you hit a good / bad run of form etc.

The following fan forums and supporter groups are now in Soccer Manager 2016 representing the voice of the fans:

We hope that the introduction of fan forums and supporter groups will add a new dimension to the game.

If you would like your fan forum or supporter group to be included in Soccer Manager 2016, please email [email protected]



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